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Business Model

A total of 8 huts is grouped together to form a cluster.  Two huts are closely grouped together to form 4 pairs arranged in the form of an octagon in planv view.   One family lives in each of the four pairs, thus one family takes ownership of two huts.  Each hut consist of a ground floor living space, together with a first floor loft.  It can thus comfortably house a family of 4 family members.  It will be their decision to decide if they want to rent out the second hut to another family or functional usage.  Each pair of huts is constructed by the family that will become the owners of it.  Construction work is conducted under the strict guidance and assistance from a qualified builder that is trained by the government for this specific type of construction.  The government provides all the building material, as well as formwork to easily complete the simplistic construction work.  Once the two huts is constructed, then the lead building person from the family is provided the following two options:

  • Option to provide the same type of consultancy work to another family, as well as full supervision, with only part-time governmental inspection provided, to complete the person's buuilding qualification to become a certified Helix-Zome Bamboo Hut Contractor, or

  • Option to trade for the government as either a part-time or full-time building conctractor leacturer and inspector, and make your earnings this way.

  • To start immediately with one of the following steady income options:

    • Either continuing with current work and use hut pair only for living space

    •  Rent out the second hute to another family, and live off the agreed income in the other hut

    • Use the second hut as a workplace, which can mostly be used in the following manner:

      • Rent it out as a furnished office space

      • Rent it out as an Air B&B

      • Use the ground floor level as a workplace, whether it is as a garage, laboratorium, storage for all your farming equipment, gradening facility, greenhouse, you name uit - then you can still choose what you want to do with the first-floor level:  Sleeping quarters for extra family members at night when there is not noise from the garage, or stoarage for material and equipment used in the business, or even office space for the business down below.  Ag, the list is tendless! 

      • Rent it out as secure storage space, for supplies to the local community, such as a small tuck shop for the passers-by.

This way we solve the two biggest problems man is always facing:

  • Giving a person the pride of a full-time job, or income through an honest money making streamlines, as well as

  • Giving a roof over a familie's heads, build by their own blood, sweat and tears(?).  Nope, just build with pride, doing something together as a family.  The best part is the inclusion of a strict maintenance plan.

The maintenance plan consist then of persons that has now been enrolled into the Xanadu Housing Project, to become a maintenance unit that continuously provide scheduled inspections and mainenance to the units.  This way the lifespan of the project will become basically indefinite!  A unit consist then mostly of a roadworthy bakkie and a team of 2 persons, which forms a maintenance team.  They both get fully trained to inspect and to sommer already complete the repairwork on the material while they are there for the inspection.  You only need patchwork for the hempcrete, waterproofing, varnish, cloth repair.  The best part is that the dome shape of the huts is super efficient to divert  wind around the unit with the least amount of friction and wind pressure. The bamboo-framed structure and the type of flexible connections used in the design will even propvide arthquake-resistance! 

Government provide free data to the cluster of huts, to promote education, internet used (will have to be censored, as required for full family usage), to promote the business on the intranet of subscribers to the project.

To be continued > > >

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